Saturday, February 16, 2019

Happy Birthday Louie!

Today is Louie's birthday. I'll be sure to call him and wish him a Happy Mike Smrek or Dan Neal or Dustin Byfuglien. Perhaps I need to go outside of Chicago to get a star befitting Louie. How about Mike Webster? It seems 52 isn't a great number in sports, but I am sure it will be for Louie.
The sports uniform number birthday game is something Louie and I have done from the beginning. Back then, I was Bill Buckner (22) and he was Mick Kelleher (20). That's a lot of years and we have done a lot over the years.
We worked literally side-by-side at Lerner for 17 years and now run our own distribution company, along with working for Global Traveler magazine. I couldn't ask for a better work partner or friend.
I have been on a lot of trips with Louie, but last year, we experienced a first. Louie finally joined the Boys of Summer trip with the rest of our buds. It was great to finally have Louie with us (although younger Jason missed this day, we will all go together).
We learned a lot about Louie on the trip, mostly from the picture below. Who knew Louie had another business? Was this the reason he agreed to join us? I'm sure this brought a big laugh to his wife Effie when We posted it all over Facebook.
Anyway, happy birthday Louie. Enjoy your day my friend!
Louie Atsaves in Denver, CO-Summer 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Louie!
Hope you have a GREAT day!