Monday, April 1, 2019

Friend Encounters: Jim Morrissey and Steve Michaels

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

This Friend Encounter features two celebrities, one of whom is one of my newest friends and both of whom I interviewed at the Chicago Pop Culture Con 2018. Those interviews can be found at On the Beat With Jim Morrissey at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2018 and On the Beat With Steve Michaels at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2018. The Chicago Pop Culture Con presented the perfect opportunity for the "Master of the Chicago Bear Hug" to meet Jim Morrissey of the Super Bowl XX champion Chicago Bears.
Morrissey was a rookie on the 1985 Bears. With Otis Wilson, Mike Singletary and Wilbur Marshall firmly in place as starters, Morrissey provided solid backup work, as well as special teams play. He made the most of his time on the field, like his interception in Super Bowl XX.
Morrissey went on to have an excellent 9 year career. He played the bulk of ihis career with the Bears, adding a few games with the Packers in his last season. He actually came back to Chicago with the Packers that season, a moment we discussed in our interview.
Steve has been making a name on the wrestling scene, as he tries to make his way to the WWE. Steve's gimmick is totally Chicago. I think his character is more reality-based than gimmick-driven. I think it is just Steve being himself.
Steve has the size and charisma to make it big and I'll be watching his progress. Hopefully, one day he will be in the WWE ring. He won't face his dream opponent (the late Vader), but he will find plenty of other worthy opponents.
I'll be looking for Steve on independent wrestling shows in Chicago. I'll also be following him at @ChicagoBearHug on Facebook.
Steve Michaels and Jim Morrissey in St. Charles, IL-November 2018.

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