Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The "Or Else" Podcast and the Baron Brothers

After a year of The "Or Else" Podcast with Tommy Else, we have reached a critical point in the history of Resistance Pro Wrestling. We have reached the infamous Minnesota Pub Crawl trip, the cancellation of the reality show, the departure of Billy Corgan and the fallout.
Tommy and I have reviewed and rehashed the journey. Along the way, we have been joined by some key players in the history of RPro. Recently, RPro co-owner Gabriel Baron joined us for what turned out to be a three part interview. 
Tommy and I have looked forward to having Gabe on the podcast for a long time. We all agreed this would not be a standard review of Gabe's journey into the world of wrestling. We all wanted to discuss what everyone wanted to know. While we did discuss a bit of the inner workings of RPro, we concentrated on meatier topics. Tommy and I addressed every major rumor, allegation and accusation and Gabe answered all.
This was all unedited, unrehearsed and uninhibited. Much like when we had "The Ego" Robert Anthony on a short time ago, we wanted our guest to just tell his story.
So many stories have been tossed around. Sides have been taken. Friendships have been lost. Still, nothing concrete has ever been stated publicly, until now.
Ego came on the podcast and spoke from his heart. He was professional, but still spoke his mind. Tommy and I were very proud of this interview and extremely grateful to Ego for his time and consideration.
Prior to recording, Gabe stated he was just going to be himself and he would answer anything. Like Ego, Gabe was open and honest about his side. In addressing the major issues, Gabe stated rational explanations, often offering proof behind his statements. Again, Tommy and I were proud of this interview and appreciative of Gabe.
Around 4 years after the Billy departure, this is still an emotional topic for all involved. Tommy and I always maintained we never took sides. We simply stayed where we were, because we saw no reason to leave. Neither of us have ever wavered on that stance. Neither Ego's nor Gabe's interview changed our minds.
I do not say Ego was wrong for leaving. That was his decision and (as he stated) it was more about not having fun than about other reasons. I cannot say anyone was wrong for leaving. Everyone had their own reasons. Tommy and I only say we had no reason to leave and could not understand why most of the dearly departed choose to abandon and crap on us for our decision.
Ego and Gabe have definitely given us plenty of new thoughts anbd Tommy and I will be reviewing these interviews and giving our thoughts on an upcoming episode of The "Or Else" podcast. More guests will be joining us. Tommy has reached out to many folks from RPro's past and has received a lot of positive responses. Also, RPro co-owner Jacques Baron is scheduled to get his turn to speak his truths.
We have come a long way with our podcast, but we have a way to go still. There is a lot of life left in this story and Tommy and I will continue to deliver it.
You can find all episodes of The "Or Else" Podcast on Soundcloud and the Skype interviews are also available on The "Or Else" Podcast channel on YouTube. Stay tuned, because we still have a lot more to bring you.
Gabe Baron, Jacques Baron and me in Summit, IL-March 2015.

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