Wednesday, April 3, 2019

HeroTV 2019 Episode 4: Elizabeth Perez and Lenny Gilmore

The newest episode of HeroTV 2019 is now airing on Comcast. HeroTV Episode 4: Elizabeth Perez and Lenny Gilmore features a pair doing interesting things in the world of skating.
I first met Elizabeth during her time with the Windy City Rollers, a Chicago-based roller derby team. I followed her since then and she has had quite a journey. In just a few short years since her move to Chicago, Elizabeth mastered roller derby and skating to the point where shje actually is a teacher and a consultant.
I had previously never met Lenny Gilmore, but I was familiar with him through their YouTube videos. You can find them at The Rollaways on YouTube.
The pair already have an interesting story and it is about to get more interesting. They are about to embark on a year-long trek around the country in a van. They will be teaching and promoting skating, but I am sure there will be other fun, too.
Elizabeth and Lenny do a much better job of explaining their plans than I can do. If you watch the video, you will also see their passion for what they are doing.
After Paul Erickson, James Finn Garner and now Elizabeth and Lenny, the last three episodes of HeroTV all feature guests I have brought to the show. I am very proud of these and I am thankful to co-host PL Myers for trusting my instincts that they ll have fascinating stories to share.
We really appreciate Elizabeth and Lenny for stopping by the Comcast studio to record this episode. We really look forward to following their journey and hope to have them back next year to update us.
You can watch the episode on Comcast and it is also available on our YouTube channel at HeroTV 2019 Episode 4: Elizabeth Perez and Lenny Gilmore. You can see all of our HeroTV episodes on the HeroTV YouTube home page.
Lenny Gilmore, Elizabeth Perez, PL Myers and me in Elmhurst, IL-February 2019.

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