Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Seth Gold and Ashley Gold at Motor City Comic Con 2012

The Motor City Comic Con runs May 17-19 in Novi, MI. I'll be "On the Beat" as always, but untl then, I am recalling some of my favorite moments from my years covering MCCC.
Local celebrities are always extra special at comic cons. Thanks to a very successful pawn shop and television show Hardcore Pawn, the Gold family moved beyond local fame to major exposure.
Several years ago at MCCC, I had the pleasure of meeting the Gold siblings. On the show, Ashley and Seth can often be seen squabbling and trying to get an advantage on the other. While there is no hatred, the relationship doesn't seem harmonious.
Of course, there is a difference between reality and reality television (see my experiences with the Resistance Pro and Chicago Bliss reality shows). I am quite sure Seth and Ashley are like your average siblings.
At the MCCC, Seth and Ashley were extremely nice, outgoing and funny. We took the standard picture and one of them (I think Ashley) raised a fist at me for a fun shot. The other one followed suit and the result was the picture below. I didn't ask for this picture. It was all Ashley and Seth. You can even see me laughing (not selling the punches), because I was surprised and genuinely laughing at the interaction.
This picture speaks volumes. It shows the type of fun that can be had at MCCC. Celebrities don't always do the standard quick pic and move on. I have had many fun encounters with all sorts of the celebrity guests.
It also shows that Seth and Ashley can be fun-loving folks, despite their appearance on the show. Hardcore Pawn made for entertaining television, but like most reality shows, the accuracy level isn't all that important.
Hardcore Pawn is no longer filming new episodes, but you can get more info on the American Jewelry and Loan store at Go to to get all of the info, including the scheduling and celebrity guest list. You can also follow MCCC on Facebook for frequent updates.
Seth Gold, Ashley Gold and me in Novi, MI-May 2012.

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