Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sharing the DePaul Beat With CBS's Megan Mawicke

Last week, DePaul University hosted a big sendoff for the softball team as they headed to Ann Arbor, MI for the Regional on the road to the Women's College World Series. Thanks to DePaul's Bob Sakamoto and Alyssa Damato, I was part of the media contingent.
While waiting for the event to start, I met Megan Mawicke of CBS Chicago. Megan has a Journalism degree from Indiana University and an MBA in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern. She is also a four time Big Ten Women’s Tennis Team champion and twice was an Illinois State Tennis champ. She competed on the World Tennis Association pro tour and in four NCAA tournaments.
Professionally she has worked for several media outlets, including Fox Sports Net, WMAQ-TV Chicago and of course CBS Chicago. She has earned three local Emmy awards.
We exchanged a few sports stories and talked a bit about travel. We both expressed an interest in the other's job duties. She liked my travel and I liked her Chicago work. As my friend Chuck would say, "We're all professionals here."
It was great talking to Megan and working alongside her at the DePaul sendoff. Unfortunately, even with both of us ending positive vibes, DePaul lost and will not be advancing in the tourney. Still, it was a great experience all season and I unexpectedly met some interesting folks like Megan.
Megan does outstanding work and it was nice to see her and CBS Chicago give coverage to the ladies of the team. You can follow Megan on twitter at @MeganMawicke.
Megan Mawicke and me in Chicago, IL-May 2019.


Hackenbush said...

Being away from home for so long I haven't seen her in years. I never knew about her tennis stardom. Looking good!

Johngy said...

I didn't know of her tennis success either, until after I did some research. It would have been an interesting topic while we waited.