Saturday, July 13, 2019

Travel Training Tips From Joey Thurman

Several years ago, I had an idea for a Global Traveler online feature. I thought it would be interesting to have a trainer give ideas for simple exercises while travelling. 
I heard about Joey Thurman, a local trainer with Morph Fitness. Joey was gracious enough to let us video his workout suggestions for travelers. That video can be found at Travel Training Tips From Joey Thurman.
At the time, Joey was on the rise, but he really has taken off recently. He has been on television, in magazines and all over the internet.
His website starts with "Joey Thurman helps celebrities and A-list business people and parents fit health and fitness into their busy lives." That was the perfect fit for GT. I got Joey early in his success.
I doubt he would have the time to do this for us now, but Joey would probably be nice enough to consider it if asked. Joey was extremely nice, inviting us into Morph Fitness and giving us the grand tour. He put a lot of thought into the exercises he demonstrated.
I knew Joey was great at what he did and I knew he would keep gaining more success and exposure, but I am happy to see him doing this well. The man has earned it. I am very happy GT was at the early end of his success, too.
Go to for more info. Also, head over to for all sorts of interesting bits on travel, business, technology and more.
Joey Thurman and me in Chicago, IL-July 2012.

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