Thursday, August 29, 2019

Finding Aquaman at Wizard World

I have long lamented the lack of Aquaman cosplayers at comic cons. Usually, I am lucky if I find one and even luckier if it is a decent one. In the days prior to this year's Wizard World Chicago, I saw social media post from Ahmed Mauricio Forero Arrieta stating and showing his intentions of cosplaying as Aquaman there. I contacted him and we agreed to meet. I couldn't just leave it to chance with an Aquaman this good.
In all honesty, everyone knows I would prefer old school Aquaman, but since the movie has pumped more life into my favorite Superhero, I am much more accepting of the newer version. It's still Aquaman and at least he is getting respect and exposure.
Ahmed was very gracious and I appreciate his time and willingness to go along with my request. As a cosplayer (and a very good one), he is kept very busy at Wizard World. He is a great representative for Aquaman and I applaud his effort.
I wasn't done with Aquaman after this. Check back tomorrow for another brush with the Aquaman franchise. Two Aquaman stories from one Wizard World is very rare, but maybe the times are changing.
The next Wizard World is this weekend in Tulsa, OK. Other events this year include Columbus, OH, Madison, WI and more. Check for more info.
Ahmed Mauricio Forero Arrieta and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2019.

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Parkers said...

So glad you got to meet a modern day Aquaman!!