Monday, August 19, 2019

Friend Encounters: Tech N9ne and Matt Parker

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities. With Wizard World starting later this week, I present a special Wizard World edition of Friend Encounters.

Aaron Yates rose to fame as Tech N9ne, a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Fellow rapper Black Walt gave him the name due to his fast-rhyming Chopper style, similar to a TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun. In addition to his released recordings, Tech N9ne's music can be heard in video games, movies, television shows and commercials.
The ever-vigilant Johngy's Beat Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker spotted Tech N9ne at Wizard World several years back. Admittedly, I am not as hip to the music scene as Matt (or most people actually), but I had heard of Tech N9ne. Still, I would never have recognized him with ace spotter Matt.
You don't see many rappers at Wizard World, but most rappers don't have the varied body of work that Tech N9ne does. You just never know who will appear at Wizard World. You always have to be alert.
Go to for all of the info, including the guest list. Also, follow Wizard World on Facebook for more updates and announcements.
Matt Parker and Tech N9ne in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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