Sunday, August 18, 2019

On the Beat With Kacy Standohar of the Chicago Bandits

The Chicago Bandits lost to the USSSA Pride in the National Pro Fastpitch championship series. It was a disappointing end to a great season.
As much as we all hate to see the season end, there are a lot of positive things happening with the Bandits. Under the reign of GM Toni Calmeyn and Assistant GM Jourdan Skirha, the Chicago Bandits continue to add elements to improve the game experience, as well as the overall exposure of the team. Ace onfield reporter Kacy Standohar was a new addition for the 2019 season.
Kacy will humbly eschew the "ace" label, but it is completely accurate and deserving. So while she won't include it in her official title, I will continue to introduce her as such.
At one of the first games this season, I noticed Kacy conducting pre-game interviews. Then I witnessed her doing in-game spots. Lastly, I saw Kacy interviewing players post-game. In between all of that, Kacy interacted with fans, studied notes and was a positive presence in the ballpark.
Kacy's interviews are such a welcome part of the continual effort to bring more exposure to the Bandits and the NPF. By providing timely, entertaining and informative interviews, Kacy brings the players closer to the fans. It's a chance to get raw emotion and feeling. It's the chance for fans to get in on the action. Kacy does a great job with all of this.
Fans know the Bandits and the NPF are underappreciated. These women are elite athletes and the games are at a top level of skill and competition. I fell in love with it all after my first game several years ago. Everyone I have brought to the games have always loved it and came back for more. The NPF needs more publicity and promotion, but it is moving in that direction and Kacy is a big part of that.
I have seen a lot of onfield reporters in my years of covering sports and Kacy is one of the best, even at her young age. She keeps her interviews on point. She works for the Bandits, but remains professional even while supporting the team. It's a tough line for a journalist to straddle, but Kacy does it well.
Thank you to Kacy for her time and consideration, especially since the NPF championship series kept her busier than usual. Still, she found time for our interview. It was a fun interview for me and I hope there will be more in the future.
Thanks also to the NPF and the Bandits for facilitating all of my coverage. Finally, thanks to cameraman Jonathan Cimaglio, who rejoined the Johngy's Beat crew. It's always good having Jonny Softball on board.
You can follow Kacy at @KacyStandohar on twitter and @KacyStandohar on Facebook. If you happen to see her in a Cleveland Indians jersey, she is a native of Ohio, but she did tell us she started liking the Cubs! (We knew she would).
Also be sure to check out for all of the info on Chicago's most exciting team. As always, check back here for my recurring coverage of the Bandits.

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