Monday, September 2, 2019

Friend Encounters: Scott Baio and Todd Fulkerson

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I have never actually met Todd Fulkerson, but I have followed his work for many years. Todd goes to many celebrity events. Todd "The Bod" has met big names from all over the entertainment industry. He is well-known and well-liked in this community.
Todd's side business is obtaining autographs from the celebrities for other people at a nominal cost. He has been doing this successfully for several years. As a veteran of these conventions, I know the difficulty he faces in waiting in line, selecting pictures,dealing with celebrities and his customers and juggling schedules. It is a huge undertaking and Tod deserves whatever profit he makes from these shows.
I don't get out to California much and he doesn't get to Chicago either. For now, I will have to enjoy his work from afar. I check his Facebook page and his website for the latest celebrities he has met. He's very entertaining and very busy. There's always someone interesting on his page.
Check out Todd and his autograph collection and service at You can also follow Todd's Autograph Arena on Facebook.
Scott Baio and Todd Fulkerson in Los Angeles, CA-July 2019.

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