Thursday, September 19, 2019

He Draws Baseball Cards

I could have titled this "The Rick Stelmaszek Files: Part 24, but this isn't really about Rick. It's about Mark Mosley.
Mark is the creative force behind IDrawBaseballCards on twitter. He also hosts the Baseball Beyond Batting Average podcast, which is quite entertaining, too, but his artistry is what led me to him.
Mark has drawn hundreds of baseball cards and posted them on twitter.
It's such a simple concept, but that's the beauty of his work. Of course, there are artists who could recreate near duplicates of the cards. Mark can probably also create more exact versions if he chose to spend the time doing such. More exact versions wouldn't make better creations though. They would be different, but not better.
I love the simplicity of Mark's creations. While his Stelmaszek card is black and white, he does use color for many of his others. I am completely happy with the Stelmaszek creation. I requested Mark draw any of Stelmaszek's cards and he responded quickly with this one, stating, "Stelmaszek was too intriguing to pass up."
The card Mark chose is a 1974 Venezuela sticker #94. It's a rather rare card and made for a cool choice by Mark. I'm just happy he did one and so quickly was an added bonus.
Mark does really great work. I love scrolling down his twitter feed and checking out all of his creations. If you are a fan of baseball cards or of art, I encourage you to check out his work. I am sure you will find it as fascinating as I do.


sara said...
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Jean Parker said...

Nice work .... Great guy ...