Friday, September 20, 2019

Lita at C2E2 2017

I have met Amy Dumas (aka wrestling legend Lita) many times. She is always delightful.
When I met her a couple years ago at C2E2, I posted about it on social media, like I do for most of my celebrity encounters when I am officially "On the Beat" at conventions etc. Not only did Amy "like" each post, she retweeted or reposted all. Then, each succeeding day at C2E2, she thanked me for posting and promoting her appearance. I thought that was very classy and nice of her.
I also must say that I think Amy keeps improving with age. She's 44 now (43 in the photo below) and she looks better now than ever. Of course, at her peak in the WWE, she was in fantastic shape and looked great, but now she looks fantastic. Her personality makes her even more appealing.
If you are a wrestling fan, be on the lookout for any "Team Bestie" appearance. Lita and her wrestling friend/rival Trish Stratus are awesome together.
You cal follow her at @AmyDumas on twitter. You can also check out what's next at C2E2 by going to
Amy Dumas and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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