Sunday, November 24, 2019

Swag Week Celebrity Jersey Cards #455 Alexa Bliss & Jay Lethal

Today, is a special Swag Week edition of Celebrity Jersey Cards, a series featuring virtual trading cards I created of celebrities wearing jerseys. Swag Week celebrates cool memorabilia. Few things represent swag better than shiny title belts.

Born in Columbus, OH, Alexis Kaufman rose to fame as Alexa Bliss in the WWE. A five time singles Women's champ, Bliss has been with the WWE since 2013. Prior to that, she was a fitness competitor, who used that passion to overcome a life-threatening eating disorder. Bliss wore her WWE bling when she visited Yankee Stadium to earn her Celebrity Jersey Card.
 New Jersey native Jamar Shipman entered the world of professional wrestling as Jay Lethal in 2001. Although he has won titles in several organizations, Lethal is one of the biggest active names who has never wrestled in the WWE. When he threw out a first pitch for the Chicago White Sox, Lethal wore his Ring of Honor title belt and earned his Celebrity Jersey Card.

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