Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Swag Week: Chicago Bliss Dominique Collins

Swag Week continues as I feature some of my favorite memorabilia I have collected through my coverage. Today, the piece's history dates back to my first interview with a member of the Legends Football League Chicago Bliss.
Back in 2013, I attended my first Bliss game. Not knowing much about the team, I asked the PR person for any players to interview. The first one he brought to us was Dominique Collins. I learned DC was a multi-position threat on offense, defense and special teams (my kind of player).
Over the years, I have interviewed DC many times. The first one is at On the Beat With Dominique Collins. DC is probably my favorite Bliss player ever and I am proud to consider her a friend.
I have written many times about her work ethic, passion and dedication.I saw her go from an excellent player to a dominate player through hard work and determination  She is a four time LFL champ and she deserves all of the praise she gets and much more.
DC has moved on from the LFL and Chicago, too. She is now living happily in Texas and I couldn't be happier for her, except  do miss seeing her here. I am sure our paths will cross again and I look forward to seeing her any time.
Before she left, DC was kind enough to give me the shirt off her back (literally). She signed a practice shirt for me, which now proudly hangs in my home, along with other special memorabilia.
I thank DC for this special piece of her and Bliss history. More importantly, I thank her for her time and friendship and all of the wonderful moments over the years.

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