Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Swag Week: Chicago Bandits 2016 Team Autographed Helmet

Swag Week features pieces of memorabilia I have collected because of my coverage of teams and events. Today, Swag Week continues with a National Pro Fastpitch 2016 Chicago Bandits team signed helmet. 
I started covering the Bandits in 2014. I didn't get much stuff my first couple seasons, but in my third season with the team, I saw this beautiful signed helmet at the merchandise truck. It was fresh and clean and reasonably priced. I immediately bought it for my collection. When the Bandits won the championship that season, the helmet gained even more significance.
Signatures include Sammy Marshall, Andrea Filler, Kelsey Dotson, Sara Moulton, Brittany Cervantes, Jill Barrett, Morgan Foley, Brenna Moss, Shelby Turnier, Allie Bauch, Taylor Edwards, Danielle Zymkowitz, Natalie Hernandez, Megan Blank, Emily Carosone, Lacey Waldrop, Tatum Edwards and Alaynie Page. Thats a championship team with signatures of championship players. It is one of the most unique collectibles I have.
Check ChicagoBandits.com for more info on the team. Go to ProFastpitch.com for all the league info.

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