Sunday, January 12, 2020

Friend Encounters: Lee Majors and Troy Babbs

Friend Encounters is a weekly series in which I feature friends who have met celebrities.

I met Troy Babbs through the convention scene. Sometimes he volunteers at them, sometimes he is just an attendee and he has even joined the Johngy's Beat crew a few times. Either way, it is always great seeing Troy and I always have fun around him.
I don't see Troy very often, but I always look forward t it.He's simply a quality person> He is one of many awesome people I have met through conventions, but he is one of the best! Everyone loves this guy and I have never heard a bad word about him.
Troy gets excited meeting celebrities, as do we all. He gets the unique perspective from working some of their tables, too. Of course, they also get the "Troy Babbs Experience" and that is priceless.
I am reasonably sure I will see Troy at the Squared Circle Expo coming to Indianapolis in May.
Troy had the pleasure of meeting Lee Majors (or did Majors have the pleasure of meeting Troy) a few years ago. I have yet to meet the "Six Million Dollar Man" and I am envious of Troy on this one. We'll see who we both meet at the Squared Circle Expo.
Go to Squared Circle Expo on Facebook to get all of the info. If you see Troy there, tell him I sent you.
Lee Majors and Troy Babbs in Lexington, KY-March 2017.

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