Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mascot Week: Friar Dom

Mascot Week continues as we feature Friar Dom of Providence College. Friar Dom comes with an interesting history.
The team name "Friars" dates back to 1929 and is a shortened form of the Dominican order, "the Blackfriars." The original mascot of Providence was a Dalmatian who first appeared at a football game in 1935. A few generations of Dalmatians followed. The death of Friar Boy IV in 1963, led to the creation of Friar Dom. In 1993, Friar Boy V was introduced as the newest Dalmatian.
In 2017, a Dalmatian mascot debuted as company for Friar Dom. The purpose was to have a mascot able to perform more athletic stunts throughout the games. A contest resulted in the Dalmatian mascot being named Huxley. Providence spokespeople made it clear that the new Dalmatian mascot would be in addition to Friar Dom and in no way would replace him.
Friar Dom has been called "ghoulish" and "haunting." He has even been described as scary. I like Friar Dom. It is interesting. Even in a world of larger-than-life caricatures, Friar Dom stands out.
I met Friar Dom during the Big East Conference Women's Basketball tournament last year. I failed to meet Huxley though. Unfortunately for Providence, despite both mascots, Providence lost to DePaul in the Quarterfinals.
and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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