Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mascot Week: Randy Johnson

We continue celebrating our fuzzy, fun friends on Mascot Week. Today's featured mascot is a bit unusual, even for a mascot.
The Arizona Diamondbacks have a legend mascots race between Randy Johnson, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace and Matt Williams. These mascots are exactly what they sound like they would be. They are mascot versions, with enlarged heads, of four of the most legendary Diamondbacks.
While meandering around Chase Field, I ran into the Randy Johnson mascot. The Hall of Famer spent six of his 22 seasons pitching for the Diamondbacks, including the 2001 season in which they won the World Series. The 6'10" Big Unit was named the World Series MVP.
As noted, Johnson is very tall, but the person in his mascot costume seems pretty tall, too. His shoulder is well above mine.  He isn't tall enough to be the real Randy Johnson though.
I wanted to meet the other mascot legends, but I failed in that attempt. I am content to have gotten one though.
Randy Johnson and me in Phoenix, AZ-September 2015.

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