Saturday, March 7, 2020

On the Beat With Paul Erickson at C2E2

Earlier this week, my coverage of C2E2 2020 for the Patch has featured interviews with artist Ali Cantarella and author James Finn Garner. Today, Johngy's Beat Special Contributor (and IPW Chicagoland champ) Joey Roth interviews Nerd Parodist Paul Erickson.
Paul might correct me (and rightly so) by saying he is the “Quintessential Nerd Parodist,” but there's more on that in the interview below. Whatever the proper title, Paul is immensely talented.
I'd like to say I discovered Paul, but the credit goes to my nephew Matt Parker. While covering a comic con years ago, Matt interviewed Paul for Johngy's Beat.
As soon as I saw Paul, I knew Matt found gold. As you will see in the interview, Paul's convention attire is quite interesting. Much like his boothmate (and yesterday's feature) James Finn Garner, Paul stands out even at a convention full of cosplayers appearing as characters of all sorts. Paul might be the biggest character there.
Paul's parody books include The Wobbit A Parody, Superfriends of the Ring, Jar Jar Wars, Episode IV: A New Dope and Talk Like Jabba: The Star Wars Parody Big Activity Fun Book. I always say one of the biggest compliments I can give Paul is to say I love his books, despite not being a particularly big fan of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Paul's books are highly entertaining all on their own.
As entertaining as Paul is at his booth at conventions, his panels might be even funnier and I am not just saying that because I have been a guest judge for some of his contests within the panels. Paul's sessions are always one of the highlights of a convention for me and hundreds of others.
I hope you enjoyed the interview with Paul and the rest of my coverage of C2E2. I have more recaps coming. That means more of Joey interviewing some of the most creative, fun people at C2E2. Stay tuned.
Thanks to Paul Erickson for his time, consideration and friendship. Thanks to Joey for his fantastic mic work. Thanks to C2E2 for the hospitality.
For more info on Paul, go to Continue to check for updates. Also, follow Joey Roth on social media.

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