Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Squared Circle Expo Update

The Squared Circle Expo is scheduled for May 29-30 in Indianapolis, IN. With the pandemic, all conventions are in a holding pattern. The fine folks at SCE are keeping all updated as best as can be.
I wrote at length about their latest update at Squared Circle Expo Update on Patch.com. In short, the SCE is still scheduled as is, but the organizers are looking at other options with the host hotel and the guest wrestlers. They will keep all posted as developments occur and I will report their updates, too.
As we settle in for a long lockdown, we realize the things we miss most won't be the events. It will be the friends and the memories.
Ed "Mr. Zubaz" Gonzales and "Hardcore" Heather Owens are two friends I miss and looked forward to seeing at the SCE. It's no shock that I miss the #ClassyBroad, but yes, I miss Ed, too. They are such a huge part of the convention scene. I have known them for several years and they are two great people.
Nobody works harder than these two and nobody parties harder. Despite being extremely busy at conventions, they always have a few minutes to catch up.
Although I haven;t been with them in a while, at least I have been entertained by them through their Pop Drunk YouTube channel. They drink, talk Funko Pop figures and basically have a ball and I have just as much fun watching them.
It looks like the SCE will be postponed, but it will happen at some point. I will be so happy to see Ed, Heather and all of my other friends there. Until then, I will sit at home and watch Pop Drunk videos to get my Ed and Heather fix.
Check SquaredCircleX.com for all of the info on this great event. Also follow Squared Circle Expo on Facebook for more frequent updates.
Ed Gonzales, Heather Owens and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2018.

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