Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Happy Birthday Nancy

Today is my oldest sister Nancy's birthday. Since she is across the country right now, I will celebrate her day here.
We might tease her about being the "matriarch" of the family and being the oldest sibling, we love her dearly. It's not because she makes cookies, cupcakes or even pumpkin rice krispies treats. It's not because she helped hang a bunch of pictures in my place either. It's not even that she indulges me and gets pictures with mascots whenever she can. While Nancy has done a lot for me, it isn't for what she does. We love Nancy for who she is.
Nancy is caring, generous, thoughtful, loyal, funny and all other qualities you'd want in a person. Lucky for me, she is my sister and my friend.
I always say, my sisters are my rocks. I love them both and appreciate them dearly.
We've had so many great memories and I look forward to so many more, like when we celebrate when she's back in town. For now, I just wish her a wonderful birthday. I love you, Nancy.
Nancy and Clark in Chicago, IL-December 2019.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Nancy .... hope you enjoy your day!!

Nancy said...

Aw thank you that was beautiful. Love you too.

Nancy said...

Thank you. Love you