Saturday, May 16, 2020

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Today is my niece Laura's birthday. During this time of quarantine, I send out birthday greetings to Laura here.
The picture I chose today is one I think Laura would like. As she put it, it's her and "her favorite fella" Marley. She loved that pup (and he loved her). She loves all animals.
Laura is a great young woman. Pick an adjective. Tough. Funny. Caring. Opinionated. Awesome. None describe her totally, but all add to the cool person she is.
Whether we are cutting up to "Uptown Funk," exchanging silly texts, driving cross country or anything else, it's always fun around Laura. She even joined in the character insanity by debuting a Russian woman over the holidays last year. It took a while, but she finally caved and created her own character and I love it!
I know friends and family will be calling and texting Laura birthday love all day. I hope she has a great day. Happy birthday and I love you, Laura!
Laura and Marley in AZ-February 2020.


Nancy said...

Love you and hope you have a great birthday. Wish times were different so we could spend the day together.

Laura F said...

Aww thank you, Uncle Crash! рад, что тебе лучше. With love from Russia. Try the borscht.

Jean Parker said...

Hope you had a good birthday! I know we all get to celebrate again when this pandemic is over!!
Luv ya, Jean