Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sug D Is All Elite

Whether he is called Sug D, Suge D, Sugar D, Sugar Dunkerton or anything else, I am a big fan of the man. More importantly, I am a friend of his.
Sug D was part of the tag team Lockup at the beginning of RPro. Lockup was a popular and excellent team that won the tag team titles. He would eventually join the solo ranks and ultimately became the heavyweight champ. He worked extremely hard to get to the top and he worked even harder while at the top.
Sug really came into his own as champ. He wqas a leader in and out of the ring. The fans loved him and so did the lockerroom. He was a great champ and represented RPro well.
While he hasn't wrestled in the Resistance in a while, Sug has been quite busy, wrestling here and overseas. I love seeing my friend chase his dreams and succeed.
Recently, Sug made his debut on All Elite Wrestling. He lost to Sammy Guevara in a solid match. There is no shame in losing in wrestling. It's all part of the bigger story. Hopefully, this leads to more appearances for Sug at AEW.
It also got him the Pineapple Pete name from Chris Jericho. That is some kind of accomplishment.
The wrestling business is tough. There are only so many spots on a roster and even less spots on television. The fact that Sug got a televised match is a great accomplishment. We are all proud and happy for our friend.
I miss seeing Sug at events, but he is on to bigger things. I am sure our paths will cross again and I look forward to the usual big hug Sug gives. Until then, I'll keep following him and cheering his success.
Sug D and me in Summit, IL-January 2014.

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