Monday, July 20, 2020

Friend Encounters: Sug D and Troy Babbs

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today I am featuring two legitimately great guys. I am proud that both are my friends.
Sugar Dunkerton (or Sug D or any of his other wrestling monikers) is one of the most talented and charismatic wrestlers on the Independent scene. I first met Sug many years ago when he was in a tag team at Resistance Pro Wrestling. His RPro path was classic, going from a successful and popular tag team to an eventual Heavyweight champ. As the champ, Sug really came into his own. He became quite a leader in the locker room, while being the face of RPro to the fans. His entrances were electric. It might sound cliche, but he really had an aura about him. It was a fun time at RPro.
I met Troy Babbs on the convention scene. Whether a volunteer, an attendee or even part of the Johngy's Beat crew, Troy is a lot of fun. When he is working the cons, he is a valuable asset and a great ambassador for the promoters. As an attendee, he is loads of laughs.
These two guys truly are two quality people. I have met many people through conventions and pro wrestling, but Sug and Troy rank among the best.
They reconnected at a wrestling show a couple  years back. I can't imagine the fun and hijinx when these two got together. I wish I was there and I hope to see both again this year. It has been too long since I have sen either of these men.
Troy Babbs and Sug D in Carmel, IN-January 2018.

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