Friday, July 24, 2020

On the Beat With Dallas Wings 7/22/2020

I was back virtually "On the Beat" with the Dallas Wings. This media session featured assistant coach Crystal Robinson and players Kayla Thornton and Satou Sabally. With no disrespect to anyone, perhaps the real star was nine year old Camilla "Pepper" Persley, a young, but talented reporter.
Much of the conversation of all involved Sabally and the other rookies making the adjustment to playing bigger, tougher defenders than they previous payed in their college careers. The coaches and veteran players are working hard to get the younger players game-ready in this abbreviated training camp.
Young Pepper proved she is already game-ready, as she asked solid questions and showed her basketball knowledge. In fact, Pepper stole a few of my questions before I could ask them. When I first heard Pepper, I thought it was cute and cool to have a youngster involved. Then when I heard her articulate her questions, I quickly realized Pepper, despite her age, carried herself as a seasoned veteran reporter. I am quite sure everyone else was as impressed as I was.
The WNBA tips off on Saturday. The Wings open their season on Sunday at 3 p.m. CST on the CBS Sports Network.
Go to for my recurring coverage of the WNBA. Also, check and Dallas Wings for info on the league and the team. Finally, check, a very interesting site run by Pepper's father.

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