Saturday, July 25, 2020

On the Beat With Daniel Emery Taylor and James Azrael of "It's Just A Game"

It's Just A Game is a movie about a "teenage girl is kidnapped by a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning an ancient witch" which was released in 2018. I interviewed producer-actor James Azrael and wrote my review at Johngy's Beat Reviews "It's Just A Game" for the Patch.
You can read that story for my thoughts and some story notes, but in short, I really enjoyed the movie. I was particularly impressed by the young actors and actresses in the film, as well as the crisp story-telling. Also, a major part of the beauty of this film is the simplicity. It does not fall into the trap of going overboard with anything. Instead, it relies on a strong script, great direction, realistic acting and enough horror and gore to satisfy any horror fan.
I think the movie is destined to be a cult classic. I really look forward to seeing the career development of the talent in the film.
While following James on social media, I saw he had a big announcement and I immediately contacted him about doing an update interview. James responded positively and also got director-writer Daniel Emery Taylor to make it a 2fer interview.
We started off with the big announcement. (Spoiler alert) The It's Just A Game DVD will be available to pre-order on Amazon. That has been much-anticipated by fans like me and the horror community in general. This will allow current fans to own a copy, while also exposing It's Just A Game to new viewers.
We had a fun interview, as Daniel and James discussed the process, the young actors and actresses, the actual shooting and more. You can tell how passionate these two are about this project and rightly so.
Saying "it's a labor of love" is too cliche, but it is appropriate in this instance. I saw that from the first time James talked to me about it.
I know several of my friends are already big fans. Buds like Tony, Jack and Jason have been on the bandwagon for awhile and I am certain that bandwagon is growing and will get even bigger upon the DVD release.
I highly recommend It's Just A Game. It's a classic horror thriller, relying more on the story than outright gore, although there is plenty of that.
In the interview below, along with the information about It's Just A Game, several questions are addressed:
-Was James really a diva on set?
-Did Daniel rule the set with an iron fist?
-Will there be a sequel?
Okay, two of those questions are a bit silly, but I appreciate the two going along with the fun. The third question was serious and I loved their answer.
Daniel and James are great guys. I am not saying that as a friend or PR agent. These two love their work and deserve credit. I hope everyone gives It's Just A Game a chance. I now you'll enjoy it.
I'll do an update with James and Daniel as it gets closer to the DVD release. For now, enjoy the interview, check out the links and be ready to be entertained by It's Just A Game.
You can pre-order It's Just A Game on Amazon. Go to the It's Just A Game Facebook page for news and updates. Also, checkout It's Just A Game on IMDB to get more details of the movie itself.

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