Wednesday, October 7, 2020

On the Beat With James Azrael of "It's Just A Game"

A while back, I did a review of It's Just a Game on It's Just A Game is a cool movie co-produced by my friend James Azrael. More recently, on Johngy''s Beat, I featured interview with James and Daniel Emery Taylor, co-producer, writer and director. Today, I am back with an update interview with James, who shares some exciting news.
It's Just A Game will be available on DVD on October 13, 2020. I am excited about the news.
I really enjoyed It's Just A Game, which James allowed me to watch for the review. I wrote back then that reviewing works from my friends is always tricky because of the possibility I won't like it. Fortunately, that wasn't a problem with It's Just A Game.
When I started watching it, I planned on only watching the first 15 minutes or so to get a feel for it, then come back later to watch the whole thing. That plan went away as I was immediately drawn into the movie.
It features a very talented group of young actors. I was so impressed by them. I was also impressed with the settings, camera work and pretty much everything about the movie. I wrote then it is destined to be a cult classic and I stand by that statement. James jokes about his minor acting role in the movie, but truthfully he did a great job in a part that, although it wasn't major, was a key role. In our update interview, James has a little fun, recreating part of one of his scenes.
After you watch our interview, go to the It's Just A Game Facebook page to learn more about it and to get more frequent updates. I'll also continue my recurring coverage here and hopefully have more interviews with James, Daniel and anyone else involved in It's Just A Game.
Thank you to James for his time again. Also, thanks to James and Daniel for giving me access to the movie and for their time and consideration from the beginning. It has been fun experiencing the process develop and I look forward to more projects from them.

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