Friday, June 7, 2024

Carrie and The Squared Circle Expo

The Squared Circle Expo is the best wrestling convention I have attended. It was recently announced SCX V will be April 25-26 in Indianapolis, IN. (As a point of clarification, the date was moved back one week to avoid coinciding with WrestleMania.)
One of the unsung heroes of SCX is co-promoter Carrie, wife of co-promoter Adolfo. Usually found working the merchandise booth, Carrie is a calming, behind-the-scenes type. While other promoters Ed, Heather and Adolfo have gotten in the ring at one time or another, Carrie has remained outside the squared circle. I would be shocked if Carrie ever got in the ring, but it could be an awesome moment.
In or out of the ring, Carrie is simply a sweetheart. She is immensely helpful and nice at the conventions, which isn't easy. Attendees tend to voice complaints to promoters more than praise. I have never seen Carrie rattled, although she would probably disagree. Maybe on the inside, but outside, she is a smiling, welcoming presence.
I will be at SCX V as always and I encourage every wrestling fan to check it out. When you see Carrie, make sure to tell her how great it is. For more info, go to
PL Myers, Carrie Gedeon and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2017.

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