Thursday, January 14, 2021

WCIU's Jon Hansen and Brandon Pope at C2E2 2019

I always like to meet other media folks covering events. At C2E2 2019, I saw two such folks really getting into the spirit of things.
WCIU's Jon Hansen and Brandon Pope were dressed appropriately for a comic con. If not for their microphones and cameras, I never would have recognized them.
They were getting video clips for WCIU. They even asked me a question, but I have no idea if it ever ran. Still, I was not going to miss an opportunity to take a picture with media brethren.
This is further proof you never know who you might see and how they might be dressed. I was actually dressed more traditionally business-like than they were. That's a rarity for me.
C2E2 2021 has been postponed until December, but hopefully by then, we will be able to really enjoy it. Until then, go to for more info. Also, check out Hansen and Pope at
Jon Hansen, Brandon Pope and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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