Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today is my brother-in-law Scott Parker's birthday. It is the one day a year I do not take any shots at him.
Over the years of these tributes, I have called Scott a BIL, mentor, friend, brother and more. A couple years back, he also added grandpa to his lengthy resume. It's a role fit perfectly for him.
It's odd seeing him (or my sister) as a grandparent. Weren't we just all in our 20s?
Yet there he is. Grandpa Scott. Delaney is one lucky little girl. Actually, I am lucky, too.
I am sure you are enjoying your day in the Florida sunshine, but I am saluting you from frigid Chicago. Happy birthday, Scott! 
Scott and Delaney in Watervliet, MI-February 2019.


Jean Parker said...

Love this .... Happy Birthday Scott ....

Nancy said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Scott.