Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Absurdities: Apple Jacks Maze

Absurdities is a recurring series in which I vent about silliness I have found somewhere. I started it to purge myself of the annoyance, but there are so many I can't keep up.
Today's gem comes from an Apple Jacks cereal box. Cereal boxes seem to be a gold mine of insanity. Maybe the makers figure kids just want to have stuff to do, even if it makes no sense. Also, maybe I need to find other things to do while eating cereal.
Anyway, on this particular Apple Jacks box, among the other features on the back was a maze. At first I thought it was just a simple maze for kids. Upon closer inspection, I don't even understand it. It's not really a maze. It's just a bunch of Apple Jacks on a wall with no real path. Am I missing something?
I see a start and a finish, but the middle is where it gets odd. There's no clear route. It leads into a big apple or a line of Apple Jacks.
Much like my thought on the Pumpkin Cheerios game, the makers of Apple Jacks had an entire cereal box back for the game. Maybe they needed to have other stuff on there, which might cut the space down, but even at 25%, there would still be plenty of room for a real maze (simplistic as it still may be).
Because of the Pumpkin Cheerios and the Apple Jacks games, I am calling out cereal makers to step up their work on games. No, I will look for other such insanities on cereal boxes. 

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Brett Alan said...

I think the idea is that you just have to draw a straight line to the end without crossing any of the cereal. If you make a right turn out of the entrance, you end up running into an area where you can't get to the end without going all the way back.