Monday, January 10, 2022

Friend Encounters: Kane and John Dean

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

The Squared Circle Expo's debut last April was a major success. One of the first big events post-pandemic, SCE had a guest lineup filled with legendary wrestlers. One of the biggest in size and success had to be Kane (Glenn Jacobs).
Jacobs began his pro wrestling career in 1992, eventually making it to the WWF. He survived being stuck with some bad gimmicks (like fake Diesel and Dr. Isaac Yankem) before becoming Kane, storyline brother to The Undertaker. Even then, nobody would have predicted the Kane character would lead to a Hall of Fame career for Jacobs.
His climb to the top speaks volumes to the work ethic and dedication of Jacobs. Those same qualities helped him in his political career as he is currently the Mayor of Knox County Tennessee.
I had previously met Jacobs, but I wanted to see him again. Timing was not on my side and I missed my opportunity as his line grew quickly and was cut off before I could take my place. At least my buddy John Dean made the cut.
John is a great guy. He's another bud I met through wrestling and comic conventions. The picture is a bit deceiving. Yes Jacobs is really that big. John is about an average height, but Jacobs is just huge. Although he is billed as a seven footer, he is probably around 6'7", which is still towering.
I hope Kane is at the upcoming SCE II. Next time, I will make sure to get my spot in time.
The SCE II runs April 15=16 in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more info, check and check nack here for updates.
Kane and John Dean in Indianapolis, IN-May 2021. 

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