Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Happy Birthday Jean!

Today, I celebrate the birthday of the middle sibling in my family. Jean is one of the two best sisters in the world.
I love the picture below. Jean and her beautiful family always make me smile. It's not just them though. They always make me feel part of it all. Whether it is outings, Wordle or so many other things, Jean always makes me feel included.
It's an amazing feeling knowing my sisters always have my back. I really would be lost without them.
Jean will probably be celebrating her special day with her family or friends. Soon though, we will have our sibling lunch.
Happy birthday, Jean! I hope it's great!
Scott, Jean, Erin, Theo Sam, Delaney and Matt in Florida-February 2021.


Nancy said...

Happy birthday Jean. Hope you have a great day 💜💜💜

Jean Parker said...

Thank you ... it was a nice, relaxing birthday ... pizza and sunset on the Florida beach. What a way to turn 60!