Sunday, August 28, 2022

Celebrity Jersey Cards #602 Bill Lee & Dewayne Staats

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series featuring Celebrities wearing sports jerseys. Today, I continue my season-long alphabetical march through all MLB teams.

Born in California, Bill Lee became a legend on the mound for the Boston Red Sox, before finishing his career with the Montreal Expos. Spaceman was a unique character and that doesn't seem to have changed. At 75, he recently pitched a bit for the Savannah Bananas. Lee suited up in a special edition Tampa Rays jersey to throw a ceremonial pitch and earn his Celebrity Jersey Card.

Born in Missouri, Dewayne Staats seemed destined for a life in baseball. Although spelled differently, Staats would deal with stats throughout his excellent career behind the mic as a broadcaster. To earn his Celebrity Jersey Card, he threw out a first pitch for the Tampa Rays, for whom he has worked since their debut in 1998. 

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