Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hannah Flippen and Athletes Unlimited Softball 2022

My coverage of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season Three continues on The Every Day Fan with AU SB Week Three Draft Recap. I look at the teams and the leaderboard implications.

On week One, I caught up a bit with former Chicago Bandits player Hannah Flippen. Currently sitting in 7th place in the standings, Flippen is positioned to make a move upwards.

Flippen was a star player at Utah, before playing professionally. She was also a member of Team USA 2016-18. Her mother was an All-American at Utah State and helped the Aggies to two national titles.

During her time with the Bandits, I had a fun exchange after one particularly hot day. When talking of the game, I said "at least the game was short." Flippen thought I said she was short. I quickly restated I was referring to the weather and we had a big laugh.

It's great seeing Flippen and all the players, especially former Bandits, back on the field. With the unique scoring system of AU, I still waffle on how to cheer, but I do lean towards rooting for my former Bandits, like Flippen.

Week three games start on Friday at 5:30 PM CST with Team Jaquish facing Team McCleney. Following at 8 PM CST, Team Chidester battles Team Mulipola. Saturday and Sunday feature two games each, with the week's final game seeing Team McCleney taking on Team Mulipola at 7 PM CST.

Hannah Flippen and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2022.

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