Wednesday, August 10, 2022

On the Beat With Steve Ahrendt

Yesterday, I interviewed Steve Ahrendt, whose presence is felt on many levels in several companies around Chicago. A broadcaster, general manager, podcaster and more, Ahrendt has even stepped into the ring to do battle. The interview can be found at On the Beat With Steve Ahrendt.

As usual, the interview started with Ahrendt discussing his start in wrestling. Having a late start, Ahrendt took a bit of an unusual route entering pro wrestling. In a few years though, he made up for lost time.

In talking about broadcasting, Ahrendt brings up Jim Ross. Although he doesn't copy Ross, he approaches calling matches in a similar fashion. He brings a fan's aspect to the announce table. After I compare him to the WWE's Pat McAfee, Ahrendt gives his thoughts on the football player-turned-announcer.

While broadcasting was his background and entry point, Ahrendt has assumed other roles, too. He also has worked both as a fan favorite and a heel. Ahrendt discussed working both sides, which is easier and which he prefers.

As will happen, occasionally a broadcaster will get involved in storylines and find himself in the ring. This has happened to Ahrendt a handful of times, but he semi-proudly states he is 3-2 in such matches.

Working in a few companies and seeing so many young wrestlers, I asked Ahrendt to name some under-the-radar wrestlers in the area. As expected, he immediately gave me several men and women.

Last week, I interviewed Chicago area entertainer Joey Roth. During the interview and in post-interview reactions, the current issues between Roth and Ahrendt heated up again. Since Joey gave his side, I felt it was only fair to let Ahrendt give his perspective.

Both men make valid points. I have been on the wrestling scene long enough to see where this is going. It will end up in the ring. It might be Roth against Ahrendt or they might have wrestlers battling for them. Either way, both will be involved and it will be highly entertaining.

Ahrendt ends our interview with a preview of several wrestling events where he will appear in some role. Chicago area wrestling is in high gear and Ahrendt is all over the scene.

Thank you to Ahrendt for his time and consideration. Check for my coverage of Chicago wrestling.

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