Tuesday, August 23, 2022

On the Beat With Jacey Hinton

University of Miami swimmer Jacey Hinton has lead quite a life and she is just getting started. Yesterday, I went “On the Beat” with Jacey to hear her story. That interview is at On the Beat With Jacey Hinton.

Already an accomplished swimmer, a young Jacey saved her brother's life. Jacey described the incident and the effect it had on both of them. That's an amazing, impactful incident, especially for two youngsters.

By the time she was in high school, Jacey established herself as a standout swimmer, but she also had a burgeoning modeling career. Showing incredible maturity for such a young person, Jacey talked about balancing both, but keeping the focus on her swimming career. Swimming isn't as glamorous as modeling, but Jacey had a path in mind and swimming came first at that point and still today.

A sprint freestyle specialist, Jacey was a three-time scholastic All-American with Crimson Aquatics. She chose to continue her swimming career at the University of Miami.

The developments in Name Image Likeness (NIL) rules have provided many opportunities to college athletes and Jacey is among the first waves to reap the benefits. Very active on social media, Jacey offers several services, including appearances, shout outs and more, for various fees. While others use third-party companies, Jacey wisely is in total control of her business ventures.

After a lifetime of dedication to competitive swimming, Jacey admits it will be hard to walk away from it after her time at Miami is done, but she has plenty of other options. More modeling will definitely be in the mix. Broadcasting and journalism is also a goal.

Already possessing a growing platform, I see the Jacey brand expanding in other ways, too. Whatever she does, she will do with passion and a plan. Anything she does will reflect and benefit from her personality.

I really appreciate Jacey for her time and consideration. This was my first interview with a swimmer and Jacey was fantastic to be the one.

Follow Jacey on Instagram at JaceyLaneHinton. Also, check my coverage on TheEveryDayFan.com.

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