Wednesday, September 14, 2022

On the Beat With Joey Roth and Roxi Heart

Today, I feature a 2fer interview. I talked to Joey Roth and Roxi Heart about the latest happenings at Rocket Pro Wrestling (On the Beat With Joey Roth and Roxi Heart). Then I talked to their alter egos Scott and Elizabeth about their upcoming performance in "The Tempest" at the GreenMan Theatre Troupe (On the Beat With Scott and Elizabeth).

Joey, Roxi and the World Famous Fabulous Idols are heat magnets at Rocket Pro Wrestling. Due to events from the previous show, they are now in charge of RPW. Things aren't all smooth though. There are lingering issues with announcer Steve Ahrendt and simmering problems with Gunner Brave. Joey and Roxi discuss all of this and more about RPW. 

Their talents aren't confined to the wrestling ring, however. The wrestling power couple will soon be performing together in The GreenMan Theatre Troupe's production of "The Tempest" in Elmhurst, Illinois. They talk about their acting backgrounds, performing together, the GreenMan Theatre and more.

Enjoy the interviews and check back here for my recurring coverage of RPW and wrestling. Also, check and for more info on these entertainment companies. 

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