Saturday, October 22, 2022

On the Beat With Yanny K.

Yesterday, I interviewed Yanny K., a veteran of several seasons with the Legends Football League (now the X League and formerly the Lingerie Football League). That interview is at On the Beat With Yanny K.
Yanny started by discussing her unusual path to football. Prevented from playing sports in her youth by her mother, Yanny did not play football until she was 21 and a mother herself. Once she started though, she was hooked, playing flag football at first, before joining the LFL.
I always like to ask players about the somewhat controversial uniforms to allow the women athletes to express their thoughts and Yanny had a bunch. While her opinion echoed that of the other players I have interviewed, she brought a unique perspective, including a very empowering, positive look, while still favoring the transition to more protective uniforms.
She continued by discussing being a role model for her young athlete son, as well as young girl athletes. She is happy and proud to be part of the progression of women's sports and women in all sports. Previous generations didn't have the options she has and future generations will have even more options.
After several seasons in the LFL, Yanny took a break from the league last season, but did not rule out a future return. She is still playing in flag football leagues.
She is also busy with her son Kevin, a rising young athlete. The proud mom talked about his progress, his future and his branding. Kevin is already getting noticed with rave reviews. Mom and dad encourage and will help him achieve whatever he can in sports and life.
Away from football and every day life, Yanny has picked up roller skating. A big fan of the sport, I asked her about her potential future on the derby track. Yanny did not rule out the possibility, stating she had looked into it already. Not at her desired skill level at that time, she wanted to wait until she was ready to compete. With enough time on skates, Yanny might explore the possibility in the future. For the record, I think her athleticism, look and charisma would make her a fantastic derby skater.
Before we ended, Yanny gave a shout out to her son, encouraging anyone to follow his exploits on social media. I extended an invite to mother and son for a future interview.
Thank you to Yanny for her time. Check back here and for coverage of women's football and all sports.

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