Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 48: Roxi Heart

The latest episode of The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 48: Roxi Heart features a very strong woman discussing her battles with eating disorders. Tommy Else and I interviewed Roxi, but we were really talking to Elizabeth, the real woman inside Roxi.

Elizabeth has fought various eating disorders for a long time, but you would never know it. I have known her for several years and had no idea.

I met Elizabeth through her husband Scott, although I knew them as Joey Roth and Roxi Heart, two polarizing figures on the Chicago area wrestling scene. Despite being with them many times, I never knew Roxi had any such issues.

To me, Roxi had it all together. She was a beautiful, intelligent, funny woman, confident enough to be a force as a manager and part of The World Famous Fabulous Idols. 

When Roxi posted on social media about her eating disorders, she stated she did so to help others. With that in mind, I asked her if she would like to be on the podcast to discuss her story and shed some light on the topic. She bravely accepted.

It can't be easy putting yourself out there. You can see how raw and emotional it is in the video. Elizabeth is stronger than she'll ever know.

On a larger scale, this isn't just about eating disorders. The lesson here is to seek help if you think you needs it or to gently suggest help to a friend who you think needs it. Just like you go to a doctor for a broken bone, here is no shame in seeking help for eating issues, depression or any other battle you might have. Help is help. The main goal is total health of mind and body.

I really appreciate Elizabeth sharing her story. I hope it encourages others to seek help and share their stories. Hopefully, it is one more step in removing the stigma of seeking help for anything. 

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