Friday, June 16, 2023

Appreciating Missa Kate

Last year, with Tommy Else, I had the pleasure of interviewing wrestler Missa Kate. That can be found at The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep.: 39 Missa Kate.
If you haven't seen Missa Kate wrestle, you are missing a treat. She is the total package. She has the look, skills and charisma needed to stand out in wrestling. I have only seen Missa wrestle as a "bad guy," a role she embraces. She is fantastic with old school tactics. With a look, nod, shun or any of a number of subtle things she does, she conveys she isn't a good guy. I am quite sure she could be a beloved fan favorite, too.
Whether good or bad, Missa is always great in the ring. I would love to see her get a real shot in one of the big companies. I know she would do great.
Until that happens though, I am enjoying her on the Chicago independent wrestling scene. In April, I saw he wrestle in a fourway match for the title at 2econd Wrestling. She is scheduled to return to 2econd Wrestling at Prevail on July 20. He match has not been announced, but I am hoping it is for the title. Missa would be a fantastic champ for 2econd.She could add that belt to the NWA tag team belt she currently also hold.
Missa Kate and me in Palatine, IL-April 2023.

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