Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Scott Beaderstadt at C2E2 2021

How have I gone to comic cons for 15 years, yet never gotten a picture with creator Scott Beaderstadt? Fortunately, at C2E2 2021, I finally corrected that situation.
It really speaks of the craziness of comic cons. Artist Alley has hundreds of creators, including artists, authors and other talented folks. I try not to bother any when they are conducting business with other attendees. Sometimes, I don't have the opportunity to circle back enough times to catch an artist in a quiet moment.
Chicago area guy Beaderstadt has done work for Marvel, DC And Archie Comics. He might be best known for his self-published Trollords. Beaderstadt also creates his own art, as well as commissions. One of my favorite pieces of his is his Bona Lisa, but he has a lot of other cool stuff, too.
Now that I finally really met him, the next step is an interview. Hopefully, that will happen soon, possibly even at C2E2 2022.
Go to ScottyB.site for more info. Also, check C2E2.com for updates and news on C2E2 2022 which runs August 5-7.
Scott Beaderstadt and me in Chicago, IL-December 2021.

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