Saturday, June 10, 2023

Statues Week: Gandhi in Skokie, IL

Statues Week celebrates sculptures immortalizing famous folks of all sorts.

Today's statue isn't sports-related. It si one of the most important statues I have or will ever feature.

Mohandus Gandhi utilized nonviolent resistance to gain India's independence from British rule. Born in 1869, Gandhi died in 1944. His title of Mahatma was first used for him in 1914.

A Gandhi statue is located in Heritage Park, near Skokie NorthShore Sculpture Park. Unveiled in 2004, the statue stands 12 feet tall, including the base. It is one of several statues in cities including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and London.

I took the picture with the Gandhi statue after a walk through the Sculpture Park. It was my first time visiting the statue. I didn't even know about it until I was researching a story for Global Traveler. There is surprisingly little info available on this statue.

The Gandhi statue and me in Skokie, IL-Winter 2020.

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