Sunday, June 11, 2023

Talking Travel with Suzi Quatro

I am very excited to announce Talking Travel starts today on Global Traveler. Talking Travel is a semi-weekly travel-related interview series.

The interview subject doesn't necessarily have to be in the travel industry either. In fact, I am concentrating on folks outside of the industry to bring different perspectives to the series.

First up in the series is Suzi Quatro. The Queen of Rock and Roll is a long time favorite of mine. A worldwide successful musician of more than 60 years, Quatro is a true trailblazer. As perhaps the first prominent female bass player and lead singer in a band, Quatro is a true pioneer, clearing a trail for future women in music.

Despite that legacy, Quatro eschews talk of being "the best female bassist" or "great female rocker," opting to eliminate the "female" qualifier. With more than 50 million records sold worldwide, Quatro is one of the best singers, bassists and musicians period!

The Quatro interview can be found at Talking Travel With Suzi Quatro on the Global Traveler YouTube channel. Also go to the GT website for the full story.

I have a bunch of other great guests lined up. This is just the beginning (although what a beginning Quatro is). Please subscribe to the GT YouTube channel to get notified of all future Talking Travel videos, as well as other new content.

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