Monday, July 17, 2023

Friend Encounters: Bill Goldberg and Rabbi Jeremy Fine

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Rabbi Jeremy Fine started 2econd Wrestling a little more than a year ago. In that short time, it was become an excellent independent wrestling company.
Based in the Chicago area, 2econd Wrestling has run shows all around the northwest suburbs and recently did a tour of events in Wisconsin. Earlier this year, Rabbi Fine took 2econd Wrestling to the west coast for events during WrestleMania weekend. One of those events was a Jewish-focused wrestling event.
While out there, Rabbi Fine met Bill Goldberg, possibly the most famous Jewish wrestler. Goldberg is a multi-time champ is the WWE, as well as the now-defunct WCW. Even past his prime, Goldberg is still capable of igniting a crowd with his power moveset.
2econd Wrestling held a tournament to crown its first champ. The winner was Billie Starkz, who held the title for more than a year. She eventually lost it to Arik Cannon in a controversial finish in a fourway match. Starkz was an excellent champ. It is too early in the Cnnon reign to see what he will do, but he is a credible wrestler with an impressive resume.
The next 2econd event is Thursday, July 20. For more info, go to and check here for my recurring coverage.
Henry, Bill Goldberg and Rabbi Jeremy Fine in Los Angeles, CA-April 2023.

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