Wednesday, July 5, 2023

On the Beat With Cody James

Continuing my pre-event coverage of two special National Wrestling Alliance Highland Park shows, I interviewed Chicago area wrestler Cody James. The full story is at NWA Comes to Highland Park for Special Weekend.

Although he started his wrestling career later than the average wrestler, Cody has made up for lost time by wrestling for several companies all over the area. This weekend though, it's all about the NWA. More specifically, it is about the NWA and Highland Park.

Last year, there was a horrific mass shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade. Eight year old Cooper Roberts was shot in the back, resulting in surgeries, rehabilitation and ongoing medical costs. Saturday's HP Cares for Cooper is a fundraiser benefitting Cooper and his family. Many of the NWA's top wrestlers will be there.

Sunday, the wrestling fun continues with two Powerrr television tapings. Like Saturday, again many of the best NWA has on its roster will be present.

This weekend is significant for the NWA and the Highland Park community. NWA President, HP resident and businessman Billy Corgan organized the weekend to bring together his community.

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