Thursday, September 14, 2023

My Plea to CVE

This is an open plea to get wrestler Christina Von Eerie back "On the Beat." Maybe it will become a grass roots campaign.

Although I have only seen her wrestle in person a couple times, I have been a big fan of CVE for a long time. I had the pleasure of interviewing her many years ago. That interview is at On the Beat With Christina Von Eerie.

CVE made her pro wrestling debut in 2006. Since then, she has wrestled all over the world, including stints in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Impact. CVE's unique look included a very tall mohawk. She is equally as good on the mic as in the ring. She can brawl or use technical wrestling style. She is a well-rounded wrestler. I have watched many of her matches on YouTube and elsewhere and am always impressed.

In recent years, she has wrestled mostly on the west coast. I only recall one Chicago appearance several years ago and I happened to be out of town unfortunately.

A couple weeks ago, CVE unveiled a new tshirt, which I bought of course. Aside from it promoting one of my favorites, I really love the shirt for its fit. Most shirts now seem to be cheaply made, with the inside of the sleeve being too short. It's a bit of a picky observation, but when I get a short like CVE's, I appreciate the quality. (And I'm not just saying that to butter her up!)

Anyway, I am on a mission to get an update interview with her. I have reached out a couple times and she has been very nice, but is very busy. Perhaps that is true or maybe that is a polite decline. Either way is fine. CVE doesn't owe me any interview, nor does any celebrity. Still, that doesn't stop me from occasionally repeating my request. (I am careful not to become a pest.)

This is meant somewhat in jest, but it is a serious attempt to finally land that update interview. Maybe if CVE sees this or if enough people see it and support the cause, she might be encouraged to grant my request. If not, I will still be a CVE fan and I encourage wrestling fans to check her work online and in person if you get a chance. If you do see her in person, you might want to mention this.


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