Thursday, September 7, 2023

On the Beat With Frank the Clown at StarrCast VI

My coverage of StarrCast VI continues with some clowning around. Although he is full of hijinks, Frank the Clown takes football, especially hiss Los Angeles Rams, very seriously.

Although some find him to be a nuisance (an achievement which makes him proud), Frank the Clown has made quite a name for himself in pro wrestling. He has worked with a few companies, including Warrior Wrestling, where he was often with "The Ego" Robert Anthony, one of my all-time favorites. While some may find Frank annoying (again, a source of pride for him), I find him highly entertaining.

When he isn't causing havoc on the wrestling scene, Frank the Clown's thoughts turn to the Los Angeles Rams. Frank takes great pride that he may be hated by some, but is never ignored. He takes even more pride in the Super Bowl LVI champion Los Angeles Rams. Like Meanie, Frank proved he knows his stuff as he gave his favorite players from several eras of the Rams.

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