Saturday, September 9, 2023

Rocket Pro Wrestling Returns!

Rocket Pro Wrestling returns today. The World Famous Fabulous Idols Joey Roth and Roxi Heart are not scheduled to be part of the show, but I'm betting they will make an appearance.
The pair remained tight-lipped about the possibilities, but history states Joey and Roxi will not sit on the sidelines. They are always part of the action.
I wrote more about the actual show on Rocket Pro Wrestling Returns on the Joliet Patch. Almost every match is a title match on a loaded card.
Why aren't the WFFI on the card? Last season ended with a betrayal and the WFFI seemingly down. Anyone who knows them, knows they don't stay down long and things are never as they seem with them. Joey and Roxi always have aces (yes, several) up their sleeves. Saturday, some of those aces should be revealed. I can't wait t see what happens.
I will be "On the Beat" as always. I'll be getting more interiews and info, which I will recap here and on the Joliet Patch.

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